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You may be burned out and tired, you may not be happy with your career or location, you may be dealing with the difficult situation of job termination or severance, or you may be the victim of a re-engineering or downsizing.  All of these challenging situations are areas in which McCarthy & Company has successfully helped many thousands of people in the community, in businesses, in associations and in government.

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Whether you are a trade association executive who is the victim of a merger; or a “burned out” attorney who does not like the world of marketing and focus on billable hours; or an IT executive seeking new direction—McCarthy & Company can help you find a new career path and set your LifeWork Plan® in order.

Since 1980, McCarthy & Company has assisted individuals seeking support in career transition.  Individuals seeking assistance in career management, career path change, or career transition receive high quality services which address the full range of the career transition process.  From assessment; to focusing using highly successful creative research techniques; to planning, strategizing, and learning how to leverage your search; to exploiting and expanding your network and thoroughly understanding the job market; to the important assistance in gaining access to key contacts and influence centers.

We arrange and structure programs to meet the specific search and budgetary needs for each individual.  Ranging from one-on-one consultative coaching augmented by support group participants; to refining focus, resume development, assessment, networking and other key components of the search process.

If you want to succeed in landing a senior executive or management position and feel a need for an edge in this difficult job market, then consider the McCarthy & Company approach. 

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If you are floundering and not successful in your search—we will put you on top and in control of your search. We will show you how to determine the right job fit for you.  We will help you answer questions like: How do I identify job targets and connect with those contacts that can best help me?  How do I prepare and be successful in closing in on my target? If need be, we show you how to run an efficient long distance search.

If you need organization in your search—we will demonstrate the importance of a LifeWork Plan®. In today’s market, job change occurs with such frequency that you must be continually prepared for any situation with your own personal LifeWork Plan® just as you have a financial plan or insurance plan.

If you have no network or are not an effective networker—we will show you how to leverage your search through “influence centers”.

If you cannot articulate “your story” in three minutes—we will give you the confidence and poise to succeed in the employment interview.  There rarely are second chances in this competition!  When you are successful in the job interview, we will help you negotiate the best compensation package for you.

And when you walk into your new position, we will ensure you are prepared for a Right Start and that you are aware of the importance of maintaining a strong professional network.

Executive coaching is a very personal business relationship between two professionals.  This relationship must be based upon integrity and trust.  A good chemistry between both parties must exist if the endeavor, the program, and the investment are to be successful. Should you wish to consider McCarthy & Company services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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